Talent Solutions Services

As technological disruption and growing talent shortages increase the complexity of workforce needs, organisations must optimise talent strategies to execute their business strategies. In a talent competitive marketplace organisations need to engage in a much more proactive manner in order to attract and retain the best talent available for their business.

We help organisations to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, with market-leading research into the forces that are transforming the future of work. By exploring the issues, trends and challenges impacting employers and jobseekers around the world, our insights enable employers to make more informed, strategic choices about acquiring, developing and retaining the talent their business needs to thrive.

Experis, part of the ManpowerGroup brand of companies, offer clients a full service talent solutions model though our unique internal Talent Attraction Department. We are one of the few talent support companies to offer this service which is customised to each client. Some of our standard offerings include:

Full Service Talent Attraction Campaigns

About 70% of the talent pool at any given time is a passive audience. This means they may be interested in a new role but are not actively looking. If all a recruiter is doing is posting job advertisements then they are at most only targeting 30% of the marketplace. At Talent Attraction we operate deep dive campaigns on the best sourcing avenues to attract individual candidates, broad scope recruitment marketing campaigns to target the passive audience and operate co-branding campaigns in conjunction with the client to ensure their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is effective in a competitive marketplace.

Benchmarking & Market Analysis

While the amount of data available to organisations is proliferating rapidly, the ability to interpret and inform business decisions with data and meaningful analysis can be a significant challenge. Combining the latest analytics tools, official government data and third-party sources with our industry expertise, our market research team provides insights on supply and demand, compensation, industry changes, demographics, and more. These reports could include a Market Scan, Market Report and Full Market Analysis and Trends.

Employer Brand & EVP Campaigns

A well-defined, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand are essential when attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent. At Talent Solutions we’ve extensive experience in identifying Employee Value Propositions, which form the foundation for authentic and impactful Employer Brand campaigns. Not only can we create your employer brand but we can implement it throughout the candidate experience from job advert through to onboarding. These campaigns can be Low Weight, Medium Weight or Heavy Weight campaigns depending on the objectives.

Digital Media Services, Design and Architecture

In ecommerce, digital design services are the art of “building customer experiences with a strong digital element.” As recruitment continues to adopt ecommerce principles, a candidate experience with a seamless apply process is fundamental to increased engagement, conversion and ROI. We also see the rising importance of flow through from first click to onboarding and the key role a careers site integrated with an ATS / CRM plays in a seamless candidate journey. At Talent Solutions we have expertise in Digital Services, Design and Architecture, consulting and advising you on creating a winning UX to attract the best talent. Service offerings could include a Landing Page or Mini Site for the client, a Micro website or a full scale Careers website.

​Media & Campaign Strategy

At Talent Solutions we have a proven methodology in Media Campaign & Strategy. Through our four pillars of Research & Insights, Strategy, Activation and Reporting Analytics alongside our award winning Talent Attraction and Media functions, we have developed a strong formula for delivering campaigns that fulfil your hiring demand with the best talent and elevate your employer brand. Depending on the volume of placements required this would range from Low Weight, Medium Weight or Heavy Weight campaigns.

Candidate Comms & Experience Management

​There are on average six-nine interactions with your brand before a candidate decides to apply. Managing these touch points and the journey can be the difference between attracting talent and retaining them throughout the process. Talent Solutions can create an engaging candidate journey and experience, increasing your ability to attract the best talent and retain them through the process. Services here could include: Client Site Review, Job Advert Management, Candidate Journey & Experience Report.

​Social Media Management

Social media can be a powerful tool for employer brand building, candidate attraction and employee experience. At Talent Solutions we have extensive experience in the creation, development and full management of social media pages. Through our candidate focused lens we can ensure your page cut’s through the noise and delivers industry leading engagement and conversion. Services to consider include: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Campaign and full Social Media Management.

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