Professional Resourcing

Professional Resourcing

Finding the right talent is critical to the success of your projects. Experis offers access to highly-skilled permanent and interim talent pipelines to implement new technologies and processes quickly and efficiently.

Talent, Multiplied.

Experis delivers talent with the powerful combination of the technical skills you’re after multiplied by the soft skills that are harder than ever to find.

Professional Resourcing

Experis talent drives growth and innovation on an interim or permanent basis to meet your immediate and future business goals.

Experis Professional Resourcing offers targeted specialised recruitment on a permanent or contract basis. Whether you need an innovator, a handful of individuals, or hundreds of new recruits - Experis finds, secures and retains in-demand professional IT talent. Browse our Professional Resourcing Offerings Below.

Interim Recruitment

As business environments change and organisations seek greater agility, we have the experience and expertise to scale your workforce quickly. Whether you need one or 100 – at one site or across many locations – Experis delivers the flexibility you need to meet your goals.

We know what’s at stake and will work quickly and diligently to secure specialist expertise for your interim requirement. Our Contractor Care team is on hand to support Experis contractors throughout their assignment, smoothing their transition and helping them to quickly become a valuable contributor to your business.

Behind the scenes, our processes are designed with simplicity in mind. A bespoke contractor portal makes light work of timesheets, expenses and holiday request management; we currently payroll more than 1,000 contractors every week, offering a fully trackable and auditable solution at no additional cost.

Typical scenarios where our Interim Resourcing services can support include: 

  • Demand spikes

  • Project teams

  • Cost savings

  • Project solutions

  • Specialist skills

  • Offshore capabilities

  • Nearshore capabilities

  • Risk control

Permanent Placements

We can quickly deliver in-demand, fully-screened, qualified candidates for permanent job opportunities while reducing time-to-hire. Our talented professionals have the experience and skills to immediately contribute to your organisation's productivity, innovation and growth.

We scour the market, from attracting the best active talent, to reaching and converting those not actively seeking new roles, working hard to fill your specialist talent requirements. Additionally, as a global operation and the largest technology recruitment specialist in Europe, we can scale up or down as needed to meet your changing requirements.

Mirroring our candidate approach, our consultants spend time getting to know your business and the objectives you need to meet, creating a tailored attraction, assessment, screening and selection process. This preparation allows us to reflect and reinforce your employer brand throughout the process, so that you can be confident in achieving the best match.

With access to the latest market intelligence confirming where potential candidates are based, who is hiring them and how much they are paying, we'll also work with you to optimise your employer brand, ensuring you're reaching the right individuals.

Typical scenarios where our permanent recruitment services can support include:

  • Market mapping

  • Demand spikes

  • Limited in-house capacity

  • New product launch and innovations

  • Niche skills requirements

  • Short term support

Employed Consultants

In today's tight labour market, where half of large businesses are struggling to find the talent they need, people and businesses want new ways to get work done. Not everyone wants to work as a full-time, permanent employee – and organisations don't always want that either. Both employees and employers want choice, flexibility, and alternative ways of working that build resilience for less predictable futures. Organisations that want to attract and retain in-demand workers must consider alternative workforce models, in order to secure the best.

Employed Consultants (ECs) is one way of accessing an alternative talent pool – bridging the gap between permanent and contract labour. An EC is a highly skilled specialist who is permanently employed by Experis, and then supplied on an interim or project basis into our clients' organisations. By working in this way, the worker enjoys the benefits of permanent employment, alongside the flexibility of being able to develop their skills across a variety of assignments with blue chip enterprise companies. For the employer, you’ll benefit from a flexible, permanent workforce that can grow with your organisation, without adding to your permanent headcount and support function requirements.

Our ECs cover over 100+ skill sets and can be deployed individually or as part of a team. This model offers a stability of service and knowledge, thanks to the dedicated operational support team who work across recruitment, HR, and utilisation.

With an Employed Consultant, you'll benefit from:

  • A 10% to 20% reduction in contractor labour costs, and no rate increases in Year 1

  • No IR35 issues

  • Co-employment risk is removed as our ECs are permanently employed by us

  • Reduces contractor churn and project risk – ECs have a permanent employee mentality

  • Complements your permanent hiring programmes, offering the option of a structured ‘try before you buy’ approach

  • ECs bring with them extensive experience from a wide range of different clients and projects

  • Investment in on-going training and development pathways undertaken by us, augmented by you

  • We remove any contract management or HR administration burden

If you would like to find out more about how Employed Consultants could work in your organisation, you can email us at [email protected]e

Agile RPO

Whether you are building a new 10-person team, or hiring 100 technologists in 4 months, it can be challenging to hire talent and optimise your resources within a very short, strict timeline. Hiring spikes can be driven by: seasonality, a change in strategy, launch of a new product, setting up operations in a new country, or fluctuations due to economic uncertainty.

Experis RPO delivers an agile recruiting solution that is cost-efficient and rapidly scalable to help overcome business hiring spikes. Our flexible and project led approach supplies high quality professionals, in a faster and more effective manner than other traditional recruitment models.

We deploy a dedicated resourcing team who assume full accountability and responsibility for the hiring project duration.

  • Meet peak needs, easily scalable with decreased ramp-up timing

  • On-demand support

  • Insights, analytics and reporting

  • KPIs and SLAs fulfilled

If you would like to find out more about how RPO could work in your organisation, you can email us at [email protected]e

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