Senior Data Analytics Lead

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Senior Data Analytics Lead

Job Overview:

We are seeking a Senior Analytics and Data Science Lead to join our growing IT Team. This candidate will work in an agile development environment and will lead a team to build Data and Analytics solutions for energy balancing and trading markets. The solution will combine data from energy markets and IOT sensors to deliver smart energy optimisation recommendations as well as energy trading strategies. The solution will communicate, monitor and orchestrate the implementation of recommended load profiles.

Similar to financial portfolio management the solution will have a dynamic component which will make real time decisions to move energy assets between different market opportunities to maximise financial return.

The solution will be developed using Azure's Cloud services and the candidate should have hands on experience of using Azure or other cloud services for developing data analytics solutions. Ideally the candidate would have gone through the whole development life cycle from design to implementation to production on Azure/AWS during previous projects.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Leading a team of Data Scientists, trading analysts and other subject matter experts to deliver an end-to-end energy optimisation and trading solution
  • Design data solutions using latest services from Azure eco-system. Present various design choices, trade offs and lead the team through picking the right technology choices.
  • Exploit industry best practices and your experience to create a data platform to enable business growth.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to collect and document technical requirements, translate them into solution design and lead a cross functional team to deliver a production ready analytics solution.
  • Contribute ideas to help ensure that required standards and processes are in place and actively look for opportunities to enhance and innovate solutions and improve process efficiency.
  • Apply data visualisation tools and implement dashboard solutions that are customer focused and help drive product design decisions
  • Leverage expertise to develop and lead new data analytics technologies for product development, providing new growth opportunities in addition to supporting existing products and businesses
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and team leadership skills.
  • File patent applications, publish, and present at conferences. Collaborate with external research teams to build capabilities and applications to solve emerging challenges.

Required Experience and Skills:

  • A minimum of 5 years' professional experience is required.
  • Azure/AWS Experience (3+ years) applied to delivering a data driven analytics solution.
  • Azure/AWS Data Certification a plus
  • DataScienceandAnalytics experience including team leadership
    • Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Decision Trees, etc.)
    • Deep learning libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow, Theano, or Python.
    • SQL and relational database concepts
    • Distributed computing platforms such as Spark
  • Experience working with Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Cloud AI to deliver a customer facing analytics solution
  • Experience of working with Big Data stack including real time streaming using Spark/DataBricks or similar technologies to meet tight time budgets.
  • Python/R programming for Data Science and Data Engineering.
  • Experience of working with Power BI, Tableau or similar for designing internal and external dashboards and data analyses.
  • Proven ability to translate complex business requirements into design of end-to-end data systems
  • Strong scientific and technical acumen, with demonstrated interest and ability to make connections between science/technology and real-world concerns
  • Ability to deal with the ambiguity of early stage scouting and evaluation of new opportunities and the flexibility to change direction as additional information becomes available
  • Leadership qualities such as excellent communication skills (oral, written and presentation), networking skills, self-motivation, and self-direction.
  • Previous experience working in financial, or trading market will be plus.
  • Previous experience working in energy sector will be a plus.


  • Technologies: Data Science, Data Integration, Orchestration, Data Warehouse, Data Lake
  • Core Programming languages: Python, R, T-SQL, Power BI DAX

Desired Qualifications and Other Experience:

A minimum of a third level degree in Maths, Physics, Engineering, Computer Sciences or a related discipline

  • Commercial experience in designing mission critical data intensive analytics solutions.
  • Experience in handling large and complex datasets using multiple programming languages (T-SQL, Python, R etc.) is essential
  • Experience analysing multiple business domains and translating them to production ready data/analytics solutions
  • Experience of using machine learning, data visualisation, and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Experience leading a cross functional team including Data Scientists, Data Engineers and SMEs to deliver and end to end analytics solution
  • The following experience would be advantageous but not essential:
  • Experience working in an energy related industry combined with a passion for energy sustainability and innovation
  • Experience designing a data driven solution for financial or trading industry


  • Competitive salary.
  • Pension.
  • Life cover benefit.

The candidate must have a valid visa to work in Ireland

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