Webinar Alert April 10th - The Case for Outplacement Support is Stronger Than Ever

22 March 2024 by Paul Howard

​Supporting Employees Through Tough Times - The Case for Outplacement is Stronger Than Ever.

​ Research shows 98% of participant's in an outplacement programme feel better prepared for their transition to a new role and also helps employees land a new role twice as fast due to the support received. 90% of candidates also have an increased positive perception of their former employer when supported with a professional outplacement provider.

In the latest of our webinar events we are delighted to be joined by two of our Right Management Consultants as guest speakers from both Ireland and the UK who will be providing key insights on how Outplacement can be of significant benefit to both employees and the company in a restructuring environment.

Register for Our Outplacement Webinar Wednesday April 10th at 12pm

Key Topics discussed on the webinar will include:

* What is outplacement and how does it work?

* What are the benefits of an outplacement programme from both the employee and company perspectives?

* What does a typical outplacement journey look like?

* Discussing some case studies and delivery examples of outplacement in practice.

* What solutions do Right Management offer clients to mediate the negative risks of restructuring?

* How to implement an effective outplacement support programme and what does that look like?

* Q& A where we can answer any questions you have on outplacement and career transition.

This is a free webinar and suitable for HR Professionals, Senior Management and Business Executives. Registrations is required and places are limited to 4 attendees per company. Book your place today and you are welcome to invite a colleague who might like to attend.

Register for Our Outplacement Webinar Wednesday April 10th at 12pm