90% of IT & Tech Companies are Struggling to Attract the Talent they Need

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15 February 2024 by Paul Howard
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​81% of Irish Companies are Finding Talent Attraction Difficult in 2024.

ManpowerGroup Ireland have just released our 2024 Talent Shortage Report where we investigated how difficult Irish employers are finding the hiring market at the moment and their ability to attract skilled talent to their business. Our research shows that 81% of companies are finding it either difficult or very difficult to recruiter key staff in the current market environment. This reflects the current talent shortage in the marketplace with candidates expectations higher in terms of switching behaviour, coupled with low unemployment levels resulting in close to full employment in Ireland and wage inflation still a consideration resulting in a need to be highly competitive in terms of a company's employer value proposition.

Download Our ManpowerGroup 2024 Talent Shortage Report
Some of the key findings from our 2024 talent shortages report includes:
  • Finance & Property and IT/Technology are the two business industries with the highest talent shortages in Ireland.

  • Dublin is the region with the highest talent shortages.

  • Large companies with over 1,000 employees are struggling the most to find the talent they need for their business.

  • Top HR priorities for 2024 are employee well being and recruiting key staff. One strategy designed to retain staff and the other to attract.

  • Collaboration & teamwork as well as IT & Data skills are the most sought after skillsets in 2024.

  • Employers are implementing a number of strategies to combat and overcome talent shortages with when & where flexibility and creating new talent pools being the most common strategic focus.

Download the Full Report along with the recommended action areas in order to fully align your your recruitment plans with the market in 2024. Reach out to our Talent Attraction Department to discuss any aspect of the report and how ManpowerGroup Ireland can assist with your HR & recruitment needs in 2024.

Download Our ManpowerGroup 2024 Talent Shortage Report