Work-Life Balance is the Top Driver of Productivity in Ireland

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06 October 2023 by Paul Howard
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Work-Life Balance is Driving Productivity in Ireland

Based on the latest ManpowerGroup Ireland Q4 2023 Tech Employment Outlook Survey, cultivating a healthy work-life balance in your company is absolutely crucial when it comes to HR planning. To boost productivity in the workplace, employers must focus on areas like offering flexible working options, adjustable hours, personalised work plans, remote work possibilities, and comprehensive support packages.

Additionally, creating a positive work culture is essential, especially in today's talent shortage market. Candidates are no longer willing to tolerate negative work environments and have plenty of alternative employers to choose from. Therefore, it's essential to develop talent retention strategies that prioritise these factors.

Download the Q4 2023 ManpowerGroup Ireland Employment Outlook Report

The Top 5 Talent Trends Driving Workforce Planning in Irish Companies

  • Irish employers are adapting their hiring strategies in the current talent crunch by adopting a hybrid hiring strategy of permanent & temporary staff in equal proportions.

  • Irish employers are increasing consideration of non-traditional candidates to mitigate talent shortages (e.g. older workers seeking employment or career changes).

  • Irish employers are adapting their HR priorities by generation(i.e. different priorities for gen z, millennials, gen x & baby boomers).

  • Irish employers are seeking Gen Z (18-26) candidates willing to learn.

  • Irish employers want Baby Boomers (59-77) who are teachers & leaders.

Download the Q4 2023 ManpowerGroup Ireland Employment Outlook Report