What are the Latest HR Trends in the Technology Sector?

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10 February 2023 by Paul Howard
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The Latest HR Tech Trends from Experis Ireland

The layoffs by big tech companies have released much needed skilled talent for other IT companies to attract and hire, which may ease the talent shortage in IT. Meanwhile, long-standing tech companies like IBM and Google are continuing to hire. Communication Services (19) and Consumer Goods & Services (19), while still moderately confident, expect the smallest increase in payrolls following lower consumer confidence on the back of high cost of living and inflation.

​Current workplace tech challenges are being met by upskilling the existing workforce, but future digital transformation anticipates a rise in automation
  • Currently, employers are more likely to meet technology challenges by training and upskilling their existing workforce (50%) or hiring workers with the right skills (46%).

  • Although workers are willing and able to upskill, current upskilling programs face challenges due to lack of budget and time.

  • Looking to the future, consideration of automation as a solution increases from 39% to 50% among employers.

  • Technology challenges in different sectors are currently being met using automation in 35-48% of organizations, but in the future more than half in every sector expect to use automation to meet these challenges.

Cybersecurity is the top IT staffing priority for the coming 12 months
  • The top priorities for IT staffing center around utilizing existing tech rather than developing new solutions, with Cybersecurity (34%) Technical Support (32%) and Customer Experience (31%) ranking as the top 3 priorities.

  • Smaller businesses focus more on customer experience, prioritizing hiring for customer/user experience roles and customer relationship roles, whereas larger organizations prioritize cybersecurity.

  • New IT hires are more likely to have the required technical capability but need upskilling in company culture and soft skills.

Top priorities for IT staffing align with perceived IT skills gaps
  • Greatest IT skills gaps are perceived to be in Cybersecurity (33%) and Technical Support (32%) mirroring the areas which employers cited as top priorities for hiring.

  • IT sector reports the greatest need for training in Cybersecurity (44%) despite their industry expertise, perhaps reflecting their heightened understanding of risk in this area.

43% of organizations plan to increase their IT talent budgets in the next 12 months despite fears around recession and inflation
  • Large organizations predicting bigger increases in their IT talent budget.