Keeping Your Workforce Modernised in the Skills Revolution

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28 July 2021 by Paul Howard
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Keeping Your Workforce Modernised

To stay ahead of the competition and hire the best quality candidates for your roles, job location and remote working are now key considerations to factor into your recruitment strategy. COVID-19 has broken down the geographic barriers for workers across Ireland, meaning that a candidate could potentially work for any organisation across the country, without being restricted by their proximity to an employer’s location. We have the insights of who’s hiring for what jobs and in which locations. Download the Skills Revolution Report Here

Within the last year, we’ve also seen Brexit and Covid-19 make a significant impressions on the Ireland labour market, including spikes in demand for talent at certain locations and the positive impact on particular sectors.

Hosted by Colin Ralphs, Right Management Ireland Senior Consultant and joined by John Galvin, Managing Director ManpowerGroup & Experis Ireland and Claire McGee, Head of Innovation Policy at IBEC, we held a webinar to discuss the skills revolution in 2021 and the employment outlook for Q3. They discussed which industries are growing their headcounts and where; debunking some of the myths as well as examining the growing sectors and booming cities resulting from this historical change; and learnings they’ve made from shifting roles, due to the pandemic.