Afraid you'll be replaced by a Robot?

Replaced By A Robot
26 July 2019 by Paul Howard
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Fear of robot replacement!

Are robots eliminating jobs? Nope. Not even close.

Automation is already creating more jobs – and the trend is sticking around. In fact, companies that are digitizing are growing, and that growth is creating more and new kinds of opportunities. In fact, according to ManpowerGroup’s Humans Wanted: Robots Need You report, 91% of employers plan to maintain or increase headcount due to automation. (Yay for robots!)

IT demand leads the way

No surprise here. IT hiring is hot. And the impact of automation, technology and things like robots will make it even hotter. According to the report, 16% of companies expect an IT headcount increase. And while the demand for hard skills in tech and digital are critical, the need for soft skills are growing more than ever as automation scales and machines handle routine tasks. Companies need humans with a blend of soft and hard skills. Combine those skills with a passion and desire to learn and you will be ahead of the game.

How to keep up

It’s important to stay current and adaptable. New and/or upgraded skills may be required as jobs are transformed. Employees will be hard to find. Employers will need to find ways to attract or build the talent they need. 76% of U.S. organizations expect to be upskilling their workforce by 2020. You will need to be ready. You will need to keep up. But, how?

Soft skills. Soft skills. Soft skills. Did I mention soft skills? You need to improve, refine and build your battery of soft skills. Employees with elevated communication skills, problem solving, and critical thinking skills will rise to the top of the pack. Feel like your teamwork, time management or other soft skill need work? Try taking a course, working with a mentor or asking a friend or colleague for feedback. For more insight into the specific soft skills employers seek, click here.

Keep learning. Lifelong learning isn’t just a trendy phrase; it is a requirement for success. Whether you need to go back to school or take an online course, don’t put it off. Stay up-to-date on current requirements, certifications, programs and skills. Take advantage of training opportunities offered by your employer, local universities, professional organizations and more. Many courses are offered at no cost. Look around. Don’t get left behind.

Make friends with the robots. Just kidding. Sort of. Be prepare for digitization and automation to take over some elements of your work. Figure out what you can do that a machine can’t and focus on those talents. Maybe your robot friend can bring you a coffee.

Transform yourself as the workforce transforms. The opportunities will be there, you just have to be ready for them.

Read the full report - Humans Wanted: Robots Need You.