How to be an interviewer that attracts the best

Interview Tips and Hiring at Experis Ireland
25 June 2019 by Paul Howard
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How to be an interviewer that attracts the best

The search for talent is a core part of every businesses strategy and the candidate experience is paramount. As the talent market becomes more candidate driven we know that the interview process is very much a two-way street. By interview stage a candidate will already at some level be attracted to the company and role. They are then using the interview to decide is this the best next step for them. We frequently see the positive and negative impact of the interviewer on a candidate’s decision accept an offer with a company. So how can your business ensure that your interviewers attract the best?

From our candidates feedback we have put together some insights and ideas

  • Talent attracts talent– are you looking for someone who is motivated, innovative, driven - make sure that you are embodying these traits in the interview process and when you are discussing the role and the company

  • Be prepared for the interview – make sure you have read the CV thoroughly, identify the areas you want to probe in more detail but also areas where you can find common ground and build a relationship

  • Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes

    Most candidates have the same basic questions, but you would be surprised how many come out of the interview without these being fully answered - What will be expected of me in this role? Who are the people I will be working with closely like? What is the team culture like? What is the management style?

  • Know your candidates - Work with your recruitment partner to gain an insight into the motivations of the candidates before the interview, so that you know what to highlight about the company and the role. An hour interview can go by very fast!

  • Success stories - be realistic, if you oversell a role you can be back in the same position looking for someone new in six months’ time

  • Write your notes after – or make simple notes and fill in later. Spending time writing notes and not making eye contact with the interviewee can be off putting

Be the person that you would like to have an interview with. We spend a lot of lives with the people we work closely with an interview is a snapshot for the candidate on what that might be like. Being friendly, collaborate and open can go a long way to getting a candidate say yes.