Returning Home Or Thinking About Working In Ireland?

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07 December 2016 by Experis
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Returning Home Or Thinking About Working In Ireland?

This 30-minute webinar hosted by Andrew Crawford, Managing Director of Experis Ireland provides a compelling insight into the Irish job market and highlights how Ireland has developed and evolved economically and socially in the last five years.


Importantly, it is an introduction to people who can help further your career in Ireland.


The No Craic Like Home campaign is specifically designed to help tertiary qualified life science, engineering and technology professionals interested in moving to Ireland. It is primarily for Irish expats with 2 or more years overseas work experience and migrants intending to move within the next 12 months.


During a brief presentation, Andrew will share where the opportunities are and what you need to think about when planning to return home or relocate. Subjects addressed will include:

  • - Important trends in the Irish Economy
  • - The current state of the Irish job market
  • - The future employment outlook
  • - Hot sectors/regions
  • - What has changed since you have left the country
  • - Various Irish lifestyle and social topics
Posted on: 07/12/16