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Managed Services

Organisation growth and innovation lies within the ability to find, assess and engage specialist skills. However, acquiring these skills is never easy. Managing the search for essential and in-demand skills; achieving greater control, efficiencies and cost savings; and dealing with the impact of emerging technology on all aspects of business can be overwhelming - especially in times of economic uncertainty.

We can help you overcome these challenges, by giving you direct access to high quality, specialist contingent talent through an unrivalled end-to-end Managed Service. By introducing this tailored, scalable layer of management over your contingent recruitment requirements, you’ll benefit from greater efficiencies, enhanced control, increased flexibility and cost reductions.

Through our Managed Services, we can help you to:

Identify Skills

We’ll work with you to increase your talent pool - identifying candidates who meet your core competencies and training them in the desired skill sets. Through the Experis Talent Cloud, we'll build you a live talent pool of pre-qualified, pre-screened and fully prepared contractors for you to access directly. In our Crowd Sourcing offering, we’ll build you a remote team to complete your project - by asking our pool of pre-vetted talent to "bid" for the specific project elements they want to complete.

Manage Talent

Through our contractor model, we’ll employ specialist talent on your behalf as limited company contractors. We’ll take full responsibility for sourcing and selection, as well as payroll and ongoing candidate care. Alternatively, if you need someone for a longer-term basis, you can utilise our Employed Consultants. These specialists are employed permanently by Experis, and can be deployed into your organisation for the length of your requirements – delivering project assurances and cost savings.

Outsource Services

We can also manage entire projects or initiatives on your behalf. With Statements of Work, we’ll make sure a specific task is delivered, and you receive the outcome you’re looking for. Where there are shortages of skills in the Irish jobs market, we’ll assist you with offshore development by scanning the world for the best talent hotspots. And if you need complete, end-to-end support, we’ll take on full responsibility for the running of an entire function of your business, through our Business Process Outsourcing offering.

Whichever form your Managed Service takes, you’ll benefit from our commitment to:

Enhance control and results

We embed live tracking tools into all our processes. This gives a complete real-time view of your programme. We also provide market mapping and industry analysis so you can remain ahead of the game in terms of candidate supply and demand. Combine this with our critical thinking mindset, and it creates a programme management team that drives continuous improvement in line with your particular business challenges and objectives.

Access the talent you need

We'll provide you with the market insight needed to understand how in-demand the contractors you require are, and who else you're competing against for them. We source and employ contractors in a range of different ways, according to your business needs - including crowd sourcing, employed consultants and partnerships. Finally, once a contractor has been engaged, we're in constant contact with each and every contractor, to ensure their ongoing productivity, engagement and loyalty is sustained.