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Part 4 - Restructuring

Technology is just one piece of the puzzle

Digital transformation isn’t just about technology. All successful digital transformation projects started with a clear and comprehensive strategy. Without this, any technology that’s implemented could be developed in isolation, with little uptake from the organisation at large.

Naturally, the worst thing that could happen with implementing your digital strategy is for it to happen in silos. One or two areas of the business trying to make change with only partial support from your leadership will end in failure.

Drive it from the top down

In all digital transformation projects, there has to be direction from the top, with a lead given on the objectives of the digital transformation project. These objectives should focus on resolving any problems that currently limit your organisation’s ability to innovate and overall customer satisfaction.

Combine this with the overall business objectives, and you’ll be able to formulate a comprehensive strategy, which doesn’t just cover technology, but also encompasses:

  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Customer support
  • Employee support
  • Product awareness
  • Product lifecycle
  • Infrastructure

Take this as an example. Imagine one of the main issues your company faces is the amount time it takes for new products to get to market. If that was the case, your digital transformation strategy could incorporate:

  • Streamlining levels of management
  • Creating cross-functional teams and splitting your silos
  • Iterative delivery, fewer features delivered more often
  • Continuous integration
  • Customer analytics and metrics
  • Innovation driven by bottom-up decisions
  • Automation of processes
  • And the technology required to support all the above.

Failure itself is a success

And remember, sometimes things will fail. But failure itself is a success – if you learn from it, continue to reassess, and make changes until you find what works.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is – for digital transformation to work it requires a clear strategy and leadership buy in.