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Keeping Momentum

Part 5 - Keeping Momentum

And… you're off. After months of planning, your digital transformation strategy is now underway. The company structure has started to change, people's roles are being redefined, and new processes and tools are being put into place. Things are moving along nicely.

But then, feedback from departments starts to dwindle. Targets that have been set aren't quite being met. And speaking to some of the staff, people are already starting to slip back into old habits. How can this happen? And - more importantly - what can be done?

Lacking urgency

Digital transformation projects often kick off with plenty of high energy. Yet shortly after, people can start to lose interest.

As the lead, it's your responsibility to drive a sense of urgency - but you'll need some help. In particular, you'll need support from senior management to ensure it's high on the company's agenda, so make it clear what you expect from the executive team and the organisation. This active collaboration between the company leadership and transformation champions is the key to a successful implementation. Your employees have to believe that company leadership is working side-by-side with them to achieve change.

Don't be slowed down

Regular touch point updates and feedback from departments also need to be fed into your plan from the start. Transformation is like a marathon. There will be milestones that need to be reached along the way in order to get to the finish line, and working as a team is the most efficient and enjoyable way to get there.

Any blocks that arise, need to be resolved from the top. These blocks could be anything from training budgets, to licencing for new tools not being signed off, to process problems, or even recruitment difficulties. They all need highlighting and decisive decision-making needs to occur to continually move forward.

Lead from the top

Transformation is a major undertaking. It will take continued effort from all business areas to progress with the plan, but the motivation to do so must originate from senior management, and drive to continue has to be supported from that leadership team.