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Digital Organisation

Part 3 - Digital Organisation

“There is no digital strategy, just strategy in a digital world”

That’s a quotation that has been going around for a while now. And it’s true – in a perfect world, digital is fully integrated into your business, and is a key part of the wider business decision making. Of course, digital disrupters are far more advanced in their thinking than this, but studying more established enterprise companies reveals a significant challenge that has to be addressed during a transformation process – digital organisation.

It’s an evolution

A report from econsultancy proposed that a digital maturity model has five stages of evolution:

  1. Dispersed
  2. Centre of excellence
  3. Hub and spoke
  4. Multiple hub and spoke
  5. Fully integrated

Most of the companies they reviewed were somewhere between two and three. However, often, companies actually sit somewhere between one and two – and even that can be a challenge. These organisations are looking at making their first real leap, and can struggle to make a decision on what that first step actually is, and even whose responsibility “digital” should be.

Getting started

If you’re new to digital, there are two choices when becoming a digital organisation:

  1. Create a new “digital” entity in its own right. If you take this option, you’d need to ensure you spend a considered amount of time during the process part of your roadmap ensuring that this new team drives very close collaboration, governance, etc.
  2. Create a CDO (Chief Digital Officer), with IT reporting in to them. This could be a more politically-charged decision and you would need to spend more time on people during your roadmap, but you might see a faster execution with this option.

Change is inevitable

Whichever option you choose, avoid creating a digital organisation that can’t evolve. The wider digital landscape isn’t going to stop progressing, and structuring your digital organisation correctly to meet these changing demands is essential to gain a competitive edge.

At Experis, our specialist Digital Solutions team can help you navigate your transformation. Whether it’s a complete transformation or the development of new technology, we’ll work with you on a tailor-made programme.