Employed Consultants

In order to stay on top, you need top talent. Today’s Irish business environment is constantly changing and ever evolving. That’s why it is so important to have recruitment access to the talent which can enhance your competitiveness, guarantee continued sustainability and help contribute to business growth.

Employed Consultants from Experis Ireland

Employed Consultants are permanent employees of Experis Ireland that are deployed on long-term assignments with our clients. As highly skilled specialists in their respective fields, they’re perfectly positioned to add significant value to your organisation from day one.

This new employment model is especially effective in the IT and Engineering sectors, where long, complex projects are required to meet business demands. They are also very effective for assignments which are expected to last at least six months. There are several benefits you can profit from with Employed Consultants, such as:

Cost savings Employed

Recruiting and managing consultants is normally 10-20% more cost efficient compared to independent contractors. This is due to their fixed day rate throughout the entire contract period. The model allows you to reap the benefits of a semi-permanent workforce, without barriers such as headcount restrictions and recruitment costs.

Skills retention

By retaining specialist skills and knowledge for the entire duration of your requirements, you’ll have a reliable, consistent team who can see your project through to it’s conclusion. At the same time, you’ll also benefit from the flexibility afforded by contractors.

Increased flexibility and productivity

By recruiting employed Consultants combine the flexibility of contractors with the commitment of a permanent employees, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. Added to this, existing contractors can also be converted into Employed Consultants, if you wish.

Reduced Risk

Due to the fact that all Employed Consultants are permanent members of Experis Ireland, there are no co-employment risks and zero tenure risk implications.

Our Employed Consultants also benefit from this innovative model. It offers them the opportunity to utilise their specialist skills across a wide range of unique and interesting assignments, while also enjoying the benefits of a generous permanent employment package.

We would love the opportunity to show you how your organisation could benefit from this new employment model by booking a free review with us. This review will provide you with:

  • An independent analysis of you Ltd company, contractors and freelancers
  • An analysis on the level of risk on current utilisation of contractors and freelancers
  • A considered and constructed plan to save money and mitigate risk by using the Experis Employed Consultant model.

To book your free audit today, email Paul.Marshall@experis.ie or fill in our contact form with your enquiry.