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Businesses are facing more pressures than ever before. Pressure to adapt to constant change, pressure to keep pace with astonishing technological advancement, pressure to overcome demographic challenges. These present risks, that left unaddressed, threaten business growth, profitability and compliance.

With limitations on time, resource and expertise, companies worldwide use Experis Consulting to help manage their business risks, enhance their internal controls, improve their financial and compliance processes and develop their technology capabilities and services.

Our full-service offering can support you wherever it is needed, from strategic consulting through to professional management services. 


Remote-Work Cyber Risk Management

Covid-19 is now a global pandemic. Governments are instructing organisations to protect staff by letting them work from home. Many organisations are struggling due to the lack of tried and tested Remote-Work and Bring-Your-Own-Device policies. Coronavirus-related malware and cyberattacks are on the rise because online hackers like to focus their energy at key global events for maximum results. Staff working from home, often using personal devices such as home wi-fi and mobile phones, are suddenly exposing their clients, users and companies to new Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Risks that they might be unaware of. Many organisations are probably also unaware of any untapped opportunities.

This is a mature service which we are repurposing for Covid-19. It is available immediately via remote delivery or in-house, travel permitting. There are various flexible options available for the smaller organisations ranging from the most cost-efficient D-I-Y package, to the 5-Day remote delivery service. For larger enterprises, there are the Tailored Service options between a “Remote-Work & BYOD Cyber Risk Mitigation service” and a “Critical and Non-Critical (Tier 1 and Tier 2) Supplier Cyber Audit for Remote-Work and BYOD risks”. Our consultants are fully vetted, certified and experienced to provide consistent delivery in local languages.

While the Covid-19 needs a short-term solution, our service aims to provide your organisation with long-term assets, as well, in the form of improved cybersecurity and compliance controls, better training and awareness, robust Remote-Work and BYOD policies, and a Business Continuity/Pandemic Response strategy.

You can find out more about this service below.

Our subject-matter expert, Sunil Bothra, recently led a webinar, which can now be watched on-demand, to discuss the present risks businesses are facing as well as possible solutions. 
Watch the webinar on-demand today and learn what steps you should take to prevent security breaches.