Client Services for IT, Engineering, Life Science and Finance Recruitment

Recruting modern IT, Science and Engineering talent is key to achieving an organisation's strategic goals. Our vision is to lead in the attraction, recruitment and placement of expert professional talent that enable our clients to accelerate the growth of their business.  

Our talent and recruitment consultants have specialist experience in sourcing IT, Life Science and Engineering professionals. In fact, across the 50 countries we operate in, we deploy 38,000 skilled people every day to help our clients succeed. 

Experis Ireland has the recruitment resources and capabilities to meet any workforce challenge, whether you require a single job contractor, full time permanent employees for your complex jobs and assignments, or even to partly or fully outsource your IT and techology jobs recruitment process; Experis Ireland has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help optimise your talent strategy by using our latest IT and Technology recruitment and talent approaches. Our experienced IT jobs consultants can walk you through each step of the recruitment process to help pick the best solution to fit your needs. Whatever solution you choose, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience and effectiveness in achieving successful results for organisations of all sizes for IT, Science and Engineering sectors.