No Craic Like Home

​Earlier this year Experis Recruitment Ireland teamed up with Borderless Talent and launched the “No Craic Like Home” campaign. The campaign is aimed at enticing Irish expats predominantly in Australia and New Zealand to come back to Ireland to take up roles jobs in the IT, Engineering and Science sectors. Experis Recruitment Ireland is helping these expats by recruiting them for its top clients.

The unemployment rate in April 2018 was just under 5 per cent,  in 2019 unemployment is under 4% - the lowest rate since the crash, down from a peak of over 15 per cent in 2012. With thousands of new jobs being created across the country every month, there are more employment and recruitment opportunities for returning emigrants now than there have been for many years.

Experis recruitment Ireland holds monthly webinars that give an important insight into present day recruitment industry and jobs situation in Ireland; the economy and country that has developed and evolved over the last five years. They will include: 

  • Important trends in the Irish Economy: unemployment, employment in Ireland.
  • The future employment outlook: recruitment challenges & opportunities
  • Hot sectors/regions. Recruiting for IT, Med Tech, Engineering, Financial Services
  • What has changed since you have left the country. 
  • Various Irish lifestyle and social topics. Recruitment and interview approach in Ireland vs the overseas.
  • So far the webinars have seen continued success with more jobs applications each month full of Irish expats interested in what Ireland has offer.

Based on webinars success we are seeing the following reponse:

“We’re seeing increased  recruitment demand across the country, for roles such as IT security professionals for clients in Galway and Software Engineers in Dublin and Kildare. There has also been a significant jobs applications increase for professionals in the Life Sciences sector. This demand is coming from pharmaceutical and medical device companies who are opening or extending their bases in Ireland, particularly Experis Ireland’s clients in Munster and South-East Ireland.

“We know that many Irish abroad would like to come home, but the state of the economy in the past meant it was better for them financially and professionally to stay away. However, this has changed and now there are recruitment opportunities for career advancement and financial gain.

“Companies are willing to pay to recruitment companies get the talent they need and invest in their career development. When you come back with good international experience you will be in high demand across many industries, and there is no craic like home!”

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